Eri Medical System

A Fast and Effective innovative Medical System
of Screening and Prevention of a wide range
 of human diseases.


Lightweight and portable system

Works on Windows operating system

Works on MacBook with Windows OS


Eri Medical System provides a rich tool set
for screening and cross-platform therapies.

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ERI - Easy to learn

The latest generation of software is easy to learn even for semiprofessionals.

The Eri System does most of the work itself.

Results are by hand in a minute.

Proved by medical world

The results of the device work confirmed
by clinical tests.

A large amount of doctors around the world
have been using the device for the diagnostics
and prevention of disorders.


State-of-the-Art Technology

The Eri System use a cutting edge technology.

Super sensitive electrode

A super sensitive electrode used for screening and therapy.

The electrode has a long and durable USB cable.

Eri Electrode

Supercharged Eri database

Well organised structure & wide range of markers.

User friendly Eri software is running on Windows OS.

Eri Database

Fast screening

Screening takes less then minute to read all necessary data and provide structured reports and recommedations.

Reliable results

Thanks to a large database of markers Eri results are very accurate and easy to evaluate.

Supported systems

Eri software runs on Windows OS, but can be also run on MacBook with Windows OS.

Frequent updates

Frequent updates of marker database is one of the key elements to stay on the top of the bioelectronics industry.